white bar

Portable Bar – 4ft wide White


•    Makes for the perfect drink station, with quick, easy set up
•    Side panels hinged to fold in/out, or be removed
•    Top shelf is removable
•    Entire unit folds flat
•    Wood core with laminated surface
•    Metal “C” shaped edging
•    Easy to move with a hand truck or two man carry
•    Large, front panel makes for a great signage area

Product Description

This is a great bar for quick and easy set up, just about anywhere. The side panels are hinged, so they fold into place. So does the middle shelf. The top shelf is a separate piece that you put into place after folding the sides into open position. For take down, the top shelf just lifts right off. You can easily transport this bar with a hand truck, or with two people. The laminate surface makes for quick and easy clean up. Put a logo or sign in the front, and you have just created a banner ad.


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