Rhino table

6 ft. Rhino-Series™ Plastic Folding Children’s Banquet Table


* Rhino Tough. Rhino Strong.
* Weather resistant and maintenance free
* Never needs sanding or refinishing
* 3⁄4-in. lip for skirting
* SGS tested and approved
* Lightweight – easy to grip and carry
* Auto-locking steel wishbone legs and steel frame
* Easy set up and take down
• Stain-resistant surfaces won’t crack or splinter
* Heat and water resistant
* Tan / Blond color plastic top is standard
* Legs 15″ from ends on 6 & 8 foot tables for dining comfort

Product Description

Our Rhino tables are built with high-density polyethylene resin, and steel legs and frame. These are HEAVY-DUTY, plastic tables (not Lite Duty, like common blow mold tables). Rhinos have been tested by SGS Labs, and rated at 2400 lbs. capacity (unlike blow mold tables, rated at only 400 lbs.). Weather resistant and low maintenance, Rhinos never need sanding or refinishing. Rounded corners help to avoid damage. This lightweight table is easy to set up and take down. Gravity locking, wishbone legs are standard, and the tops have a ¾ inch edge to allow for skirting.


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